Great Expectations Quilt

Great Expectations Quilt

I started my latest project at the tail-end of one of the hottest summers on record here in Winnipeg, Canada. What is a girl to do for some relief from the heat but start thinking about Christmas… ahh, when the weather outside is frightful but the [quilts] are so delightful!
I decided that I wanted to plan a quilt for Christmas early this year… because I have never done so before, and I wanted to know what it felt like to be ahead of the calendar for once in my life. Well, this might be the second time… I once bought Halloween candy in September and felt smug about it for a full month.
I chose the new basic called Sparkler by Melissa Mortenson for Riley Blake Designs in the colours pictured below: rouge, bleached denim, white, and grey and I paired it with coordinating colours of Confetti Cottons.

Sparkler Fabric Pull
Sparkler Fabric Cut Out

I challenged myself to design a quilt block that felt both traditional and modern. I also wanted it to have a subtle “snowflake” motif. I incorporated flying geese, HSTs, drunkards paths and trusty old 4‑patch squares for good measure. I got to cutting out my fabric pieces and unfortunately I completely messed up the math when cutting out the drunkards path templates, yes, all 72 of them, and had to re-cut them 1/2″ larger.

Great Expectations Quilt Block
Red Block
Great Expectations Quilt Block
Bleached Denim & Grey Block
Great Expectations Quilt Blocks
The first four blocks up on my design wall
Great Expectations Quilt Top
I made 2 mistakes in the layout of my finished quilt top, can you spot them? I spent 5 hours stitch-picking and re-sewing them back into the quilt.
Great Expectations Quilt Basting
Sparkler Binding

Pin-basting and binding… everyone’s least favourite part of making a quilt, but oh-so necessary to get it finished up. I’ve actually come to enjoy both, especially making binding. I find it’s so satisfying to make and roll up onto a spool.

Great Expectations Quilt
Great Expectations Quilt
Great Expectations Quilt
Great Expectations Quilt
Great Expectations Quilt Binding
Great Expectations Quilt

Why is it called the Great Expectations Quilt?

I have always regretted that as a tween I attempted to read the Charles Dickens classic novel, Great Expectations, but after a few pages I gave up thinking it was “too hard” to read. While making this quilt, I listened to the whole book on Audible and I absolutely loved it! Why did it take me 30 years to pick this masterpiece back up again??? When I am working in my sewing room I like to listen to audio books and I often associate certain quilts with specific books that I enjoyed while making them.

I think this quilt is pretty GREAT and I EXPECT that there will be a few more versions of it in my future. 

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