QuiltCon 2023

QuiltCon 2023

I had the absolute pleasure to attend QuiltCon 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia and let me tell you, it was INSPIRING! If you’re not familiar with QuiltCon, it is the largest modern quilt show in the world and is presented by the Modern Quilt Guild. The show featured 481 juried quilts, dozens of special exhibit quilts, workshops, lectures, and a massive vendor market.

One of my favourite parts of attending the show was the endless inspiration at every turn. The photos don’t do these quilts justice, there is something about seeing a quilt in person and viewing it right up close to see the stitching and seeing how the light catches the fabric at different angles. Something about hearing a fellow attendee gasp when they turn a corner and stumble upon a quilt that takes their breath away.

If you’re interested in seeing the ribbon-winning quilts, click here.

I was fortunate to have two quilts displayed at the show. The first was my Tsuro quilt, which was also displayed at the virtual “QuiltCon Together” in 2021. The second was my Go Figure No. 2 quilt which my dad says is his favourite (that’s high praise!). I can’t tell you how proud I was to have two of my quilts hanging in such a high calibre show. I’ve never displayed my work in a quilt show before so this was an absolutely thrilling experience for me.

Tsuro Quilt
Tsuro Quilt
Go Figure No. 2 Quilt
Go Figure No. 2 Quilt
My other favourite part of QuiltCon was meeting up with some of my InstaFriends and getting to meet some of my quilty heroes. Thank you to everyone who stopped me to say hello, I appreciated it so much. I wish I had taken more photos of everyone but many times we were just wrapped up in conversation. 

If you have a chance to attend a future QuiltCon, I highly recommend it. There’s something about seeing the quilts in person and meeting up with friends from social media IRL that is just so inspiring. The 2024 event will take place in Raleigh, NC and I am already looking forward to it!

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