Rebel Girl Quilt

Rebel Girl Quilt

Rebel Girl Fabric

Have you seen this incredible Rebel Girl fabric collection designed by Lysa Flower for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics? It speaks to the ’90s teenager in me on a personal level. When I was in high school I was the bass player in a punk band with a few of my friends (I was the “token girl” in the group). I had a part-time job through university working in a musical instrument store and to this day, when I walk into that store the subtle smell instantly takes me back to those days. (If you’re a musician, you probably know what I mean. I can’t describe it, but I swear amps, drums, and guitars have a distinctive smell.) But I digress…

I met Lysa through Instagram and in person at QuiltCon 2020 where we had a great chat about fabric, music, food (my 3 favourite things!). This past October when she told me she had a new fabric collection coming out and asked if I would like to design a quilt for it, I jumped at the chance. I cranked up the tunes to get my creative juices flowing and immediately knew that my design should reflect the connection to the music and culture that inspired her fabric design.

I decided that with the large scale of some of the prints that the quilt design should ideally show off the prints in a big way. I came up with the idea of a “vinyl collection” design. I got to work laying out my concept using Lysa’s fabric artwork and designing the vinyl blocks. When Paintbrush Studios sent me the pre-release fabric, I immediately got cutting, sewing, pressing, arranging, and genuinely loving every step of the process.

Here are a few of my progress shots:

Rebel Girl Vinyl
Rebel Girl Vinyl Curves
Rebel Girl Curve
Rebel Girl Quilt Top

My quilt top came together quite quickly once I had all my vinyl blocks made up because the “album covers” are just 12″ blocks which require no piecing.

I got to pin basting and figuring out how I wanted to quilt it. I decided to do straight diagonal quilting that followed the angle of the highlight in the vinyl blocks. 

Rebel Girl Finished Quilt

And here it is, my finished Rebel Girl quilt! I can’t tell you how excited I am about how it turned out. My teenage kids are both fighting over who gets to keep it. 

Rebel Girl Quilt Close Up

And a few close-ups of the quilting…

Rebel Girl Quilt Close Up
Rebel Girl Quilt Close Up
Rebel Girl Quilt Close Up

And the best part is the pattern is available for the low, low price of FREE over at Paintbrush Studios website!

UPDATE: April, 2021 — My Rebel Girl Quilt was published in the “Out There” feature of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine, issue #96. Whoohoo!

Rebel Girl in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
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