Pattern Testers

If you are interested in working with me as a pattern tester, please fill out this form to let me know a little bit about yourself. If I think you will be a good fit for a pattern I am launching, I will contact you. 

I like to work with a variety of different skill levels, from newbies to experts, as I know that everyone reads and follows patterns differently. Having a good variety of feedback helps me to write my patterns in the most concise and helpful way possible. As such, I may contact different testers for each pattern.

With each pattern that I send out to testers, I include a timeline, checklist of areas I would like feedback on, my overall expectations and compensation details.

    Pick the option that best describes your quilt-making experience: 

    Have you tested quilt patterns before? 

    Have you sewn curves before? 

    Have you worked with pattern templates before? 

    Are you able to provide good quality, well-lit photos of the quilt you test? 

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